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Work from home with Amazon Mechanical Turk

Work from home with Amazon Mechanical Turk

Several times we have seen the famous “Make money completing surveys online”, answer some questions while you are on your computer and make easy money.

But it turns out that it is not so “easy” and many of these portals are false. It is true that you make the odd euro but it is not worth it, it takes a long time to answer them and the payment is really a misery. In addition to that the payment methods are not always convenient.

None had met expectations until Amazon’s Mechanical Turk came on the scene.

So, what is the Amazon’s Mechanical Turk?

It is a site hosted on Amazon that allows “requesters” to publish tasks that require that they be done by workers at the fixed price. Tasks can come from universities, researchers, consumers or small business owners, to name a few.

The tasks are called HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks) and in each HIT that is published by the requesters it is indicated how much you pay and the time in which that task must be completed. There are lots and lots of tasks, you just have to review them and select the one you want.

HITs vary a lot. You can find works on many topics, there are to make transcriptions of audio, video or notes by hand. They also request to make spreadsheets in Excel. There is something for everyone here.

How much money can you make?

  • This depends on how much time you invest in this and how long you have been working here. Since the highest-paid tasks require a certain amount of completed HITs (that if 100/150/200).
  • Advantages and disadvantages of working at Amazon Mechanical Turk


  • You can work as long as you want. You can deliver all your day or just 5 minutes, it’s your decision.
  • You can do it from wherever you are, you just need an Internet connection.
  • If you are a resident of the United States you can receive your money directly to your bank account.


  • You will not get rich doing this. It will only serve to complement your other work.
    If you are only available at night or on weekends, you will not be able to gather as much as during the week.
  • If you are a foreigner, you can only receive your money at Amazon.

How do I register?

  • You must go to and register. After you do, you should wait a couple of days for them to verify your SSN. After the account is approved you will have 10 days of testing, where you must do at least one task per day and during this time you will limit 100 daily tasks and without being able to withdraw your money. After this, there are no limitations.

If you are interested in this proposal you can sign up here